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Coal, logs and value delivered to you

Are you are tired of long, expensive trips to and from big store chains? Does it make sense for you to spend money on petrol and then shell out more cash for solid fuels? Are you always willing and able to lift heavy firewood bundles and carry them to and from your vehicle, while making a huge mess?


There is no need for any of the aforementioned inconvenience and expense any longer. Contact us today and get the solid fuel delivery service you have always wanted.

Why choose North Cornwall Bottle Gas & Solid Fuel?

- Various types of coal from Taybrite, Multiheat and more

- Slow burning fire logs delivered to your door

- Great customer service

- Special rates for tonnes and half tonnes of coal

- Solid fuels can be delivered on weekends

- Inspection services to ensure optimal burning

- Low costs and high convenience offered

- Charcoal

- BBQ Charcoal

- Kindling

Clean burning solid fuels at low cost

North Cornwall Bottle Gas & Solid Fuel delivers